Chain Pay

The largest decentralized payment system provides a digital asset ecosystem that empowers you to control your own money.

What is Chain Pay

Chainpay is the largest decentralized payment system.
Chainpay provides a digital asset ecosystem that empowers you to control your own money. By using Chainpay, everything will run smoothly, and transaction execution can be done in seconds.
Chainpay comes with the support of blockchain technology, which allows users to receive, store and send crypto money to anyone, anywhere and anytime directly. .

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Chainpay Mobile Payment

One mobile application offers many transaction benefits.

The mobile payment system from Chainpay can be used for transactions at various merchants and is built on the blockchain/Dapp network.

Chainpay Global Store .

At Chainpay Global Store, users will enjoy a number of conveniences in getting products or services needed, with an easy and fast payment system, and secure transactions

Chainpay Wallet

Digital Wallet from Chainpay will later be useful for storing Chainpay tokens, making transactions, and so on.

Chainpay Wallet will be available for Android and iOS users. Chainpay Wallet will be available in the form of a hot wallet and cold wallet.

Chainpay Financial Platform Ecosystem

Chainpay is not just a platform, or just a digital wallet. However, we designed it as a comprehensive financial services ecosystem. Chainpay will facilitate your transactions, both local and global scale.

Everything is under control, because it is only operated from your smartphone. Chainpay builds a mutually beneficial financial ecosystem for various services such as E-commerce, Transfer P2P. Education, Advertising, Travel, Remittance , Exchange .

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